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Smoking can be difficult to give up on our own, but with the help of hypnotherapy the process is simple and quick.

Stopping smoking or Stop Vaping sessions will last 90 minutes. It is a powerful and effective therapy for those people motivated to give up smoking.

Hypnotherapy works by changing your minds dependency on cigarettes at a subconscious level. The trance therapy allows this change to be accepted without resistance or distortion.

The therapeutic side of the stop smoking session helps enable the client to move from contemplation to motivation and then action. Research reports that hypnosis appears to accelerate the thought processes from being a ‘thinking about stopping smoking’ person to a ‘definitely going to stop smoking’ person and can also help long term, supporting the person to maintain that identity of an ex- smoker.

I saw Cathy to help me stop my 23-year smoking habit and have been amazed at the results! Since she treated me I have not been tempted once to have a cigarette, nor have I had any of the horrendous cravings that I was plagued with during previous attempts at quitting. It’s absolutely fantastic!