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Hypnotherapy helps reduce anxiety and stress

Anxiety and stress is a natural response that everyone will feel from time to time. After all, no one can avoid routine life situations. We may feel anxious when we need to attend a job interview or when a relationship breaks down. For some people it may be the worry that people think badly of them.

Not everyone reacts to an experience in the same way and not everyone experiences anxiety at the same level. Anxious people may remind themselves of the particular scary or upsetting situation by imagining things happening. The anxiety can run away with them.

Perhaps you need extra help with exam nerves or need help to remain in control when giving a presentation. For some people, anxiety may have invaded their lives to a greater extent and feel overwhelmed. Hypnotherapy treatment for these people means that they can live a normal life again. Anxiety can also manifest itself in other ways, e.g pulling hair out (trichotillomania) or exacerbating existing medical conditions, such as psoriasis. Cathy at Birkdale Hypnotherapy can help you with all of these conditions.

How Cathy uses hypnotherapy

Using specific psychotherapy techniques with trance, Cathy provides space for internal focus when the person’s mind can redefine the perceived threats and facilitate a process of decluttering. This allows rational thought to become easier.

During the sessions Cathy will explain what is happening in the brain when we suffer from anxiety. It is a simple explanation that helps people know more about what it is that is causing them to suffer.

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